UKTB - Information Sheet

All UK visa applicants (including children and infants) will need to obtain an IOM Medical Certificate confirming that they are free from Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) if they are applying for a visa for UK, for a period longer than six months. The following will NOT be required to obtain a certificate: diplomatic passport holders travelling on official business or on a posting to the UK, those who qualify for exempt visa, those applying for a certificate of entitlement and returning residents.

To arrange for your medical examination, please contact us through below telephone number or email, or book an appointment at at least ten (10) weeks prior to your travel to allow processing in case you may require further testing after the initial examination which may include but not limited to sputum testing and further consultation that takes up to eight (8) weeks.     

CLINIC LOCATION: Slipway Road Off Chole Road, Plot No. 1365, Msasani Peninsula, P.O. Box 9270, Dar es Salaam, United Republic of Tanzania.


Landline Number: - +255 689 103 096

Mobile Number: +255 699 858 872

E-mail :

Website :



Monday to Thursday: 0900 Hours - 1700 Hours

Friday: 0900 Hours - 0100 Hours



 1. Valid passport or

 2. UNHCR/MHA registration documents for refugee applicants.



Payment must be made prior to the medical examination in US Dollar (USD), or TZ shilling (TZS) using the official IOM exchange rate.

Payment Method: Cash deposit through below bank details:

Bank Name: Absa Bank Tanzania Limited

Account Name: International Organization for Migration

Account Number: TZS Account No:  004-6004922

                  USD Account No: 004-6003284

The Fees;

  • USD 130 ------ 11 years and above.
  • USD 65------- for under 11 years.

Step – by – step Procedures:

  • Medical examination will be processed from 0900 hours to 1600 hours. Applicants who will undergo medical examination between 0900 hours and 1200 hours, will be able to collect their reports/certificates on the same day between 1500 hours and 1700 hours. For others, collection of Medical reports/Tb clearance certificates will be on the following day from 1000 hours to 1700 hours (Monday to Thursday), and from 0900 hours to 1400 hours (Friday).
  • All visa applicants MUST present themselves to the clinic for assessment.
  • The initial examination will comprise of a counselling session and signing of consent for all.
  • Applicants below 11yrs will undergo a medical examination by the physician before a certificate is issued.
  • Applicants 11yrs and above will have a chest x-ray done. Applicants will then be reviewed by the doctor with the chest x-ray result before issuance of a certificate.
  • Additional diagnostic procedures (sputum smears and cultures) may apply in case of abnormal chest x-ray findings and will take up to eight (8) weeks.
  • A TB clearance certificate will be issued to the applicant on the day of the examination if the examination result is considered free of active pulmonary disease.
  • Advice will be given for further testing or follow up with the applicant’s own health care provider as needed if the examination results are abnormal, but the abnormality not related to TB disease.
  • The TB clearance certificate expires six (6) months from the chest x-ray date for applicants who have had a chest x-ray done, or six (6) months from the physical examination date for applicants whom a chest x-ray is not applicable/done.
  • The above TB clearance certificate’s validity is three (3) months for applicants who have been in contact with a family member with active pulmonary TB.
  • Please note that female applicants of childbearing age may be requested to undergo a pregnancy test, in case there is uncertainty as to whether they maybe currently pregnant.
  • Pregnant applicants may opt not to get a chest x-ray done and instead either give sputum for TB testing done on three (3) consecutive mornings or postpone the TB screening until after deliver.



Please visit the below link provided by the UK Home Office for further clarification on the process and timelines