Migration for Development

Migration for Development has long been a strategic focus of IOM’s work, to maximize the positive relationship which exists between migration and development. The programme’s objective is to contribute to the international community’s goal of harnessing the development potential of migration, to benefit host societies and migrants. 

IOM implements programme activities in the form of research, capacity building for governments and communities, community stabilization in countries that have undergone conflict, delivery of social programmes, community development, engaging diaspora communities with their countries of origin, and partnership building with relevant institutions, authorities and business.

IOM also provides a full range of services tailored to the needs of governments, aimed at transferring skills and knowledge acquired by migrants abroad to their country of origin. These services include outreach, selection, matching, placement, compensation, reintegration, monitoring, and evaluation activities. A recent focus has been placed on the facilitation of remittances—the private financial transfers of migrants—and the development impact that they can have on communities and countries of origin.

One of the major challenges to development facing Tanzania and many other African countries is the loss of valuable human resources associated with high emigration flows. This process has affected several key sectors like health and education, and has contributed to a huge human resource gap in terms of skilled professionals. Globally, among governments, agencies and other actors involved in development issues, there is an increasing trend of recognizing the human resource gap as a case of brain drain and to explore avenues for diaspora to contribute to development in their home countries.

IOM’s Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) initiative was created over a decade ago to address the human resource gap by engaging the diaspora in short term assignments in their home countries and through the transfer and sharing of knowledge and skills. Tanzania’s first ever diaspora conference was held in 2014: http://tanzania.iom.int/press-releases/iom-participates-tanzanias-first-ever-diaspora-conference

IOM has run the past projects in Tanzania in close collaboration with the Government of Tanzania:

-       Formulation of the National Diaspora Framework

-       Study on Remittance Flows between Uganda and Tanzania

-       Enhancing Labour Migration Management Capacity of Government Officials

The following projects are currently being run:

-       Enhancing the migration evidence base for the development of Tanzania. This project is funded by IOM Development Fund and aims to improve the evidence base on migration through the creation of a national Migration Profile and the creation of a Diaspora Web portal.

-       Supporting the Government to formulate strategic interventions towards effective and sustainable labour migration management and information sharing in Tanzania.