Migration and Border Management

The ability to address border management comprehensively and cooperatively is today a fundamental requirement for effective national governance, friendly international relations and full participation in international and regional institutions. Border management is inextricably linked to human development, human rights, human mobility and human security. In particular, there is now a recognized need to reduce impediments to the movement of both goods and people across borders in order to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the global market.

IOM develops and implements projects on Capacity Building for Migration Management (CBMM) and for Border Management (CBBM), which are developed in close cooperation with the requesting authorities and address all segments along the migration management continuum – from labour migration to immigration and border management. More specifically, these programmes are put in place after the completion of an assessment mission which enables a complete overview of the country’s infrastructure and the proper identification of  development needs. The projects focus on the following main areas:

  • Development of institutional capacity through the provision of advice on migration and border management policy, legislation and inter-agency cooperation
  • Development of human capacity, through the provision of tailored migration and border management training courses on a variety of topics such as border procedures, human trafficking and migration and health
  • Development of operational capacity, through the provision of border management equipment such as a Border Management Information Systems (BMIS) or documents examination materials
  • Promotion and operationalization of the OSBP concept

In this regard, an essential role is played by the continuous collaboration between IOM and the existing capacity building institutions, such as the African Capacity Building Center (ACBC) and Tanzania Regional Immigration Training Academy (TRITA), both located in Moshi, northern Tanzania.