Date Published: 
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
TISD thematic workshop on Migration for Security and Development
ACBC Project and Curriculum Officer _ Melissa Tui_ delivering the welcome remarks at the TISD thematic workshop on Migration for Security and Development
Regional Commissioner of Kilimanjaro _ Steven Kagaigai_ opening TISD s thematic workshop on Migration for Security and Development

The IOM ACBC (African Capacity Building Centre) participated in a thematic workshop on “Migration for Security and Development” organized by the Tanzania Immigration Services Department (TISD) and hosted by the Tanzania Regional Immigration Training Academy (TRITA) in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region on 22-23 July 2021.

The two-day workshop brought together high-ranking government officials and representatives from the Tanzania public and private sectors with the goal of allowing stakeholders involved in migration issues to discuss migration management in order to improve the country's security and economy.

The workshop is an offshoot of a course named Management of Migration Matters in Tanzania, designed for Human Resource managers, Public Relations managers as well as Legal officers.

Regional Commissioner of Kilimanjaro, Mr Steven Kagaigai, recalled that the workshop was an opportunity for participants to openly discuss migration challenges in the country, make new connections and establish meaningful collaborations among stakeholders for better management migration.

Melissa Tui, ACBC’s Project and Curriculum Officer emphasized who represented the IOM ACBC in the workshop stated during her remarks, that the workshop was timely especially because of ‘Covid-19 pandemic related travel restrictions and is a great opportunity for Governments to rethink their migration management approaches for the benefit of all’ through the establishment of sound migration governance.

Lastly,  she reminded participants the important role migration has played in social and economic growth, contributing to the creation of our regional integrations and the building of the Africa we want.


For more information, please contact:

Ignatious MGANA [TRITA Chief Instructor] ignatious.mgana@immigration.go.tz   

Melissa TUI [ACBC Project and Curriculum Officer] mtui@iom.int