Date Published: 
Monday, May 24, 2021
Assistant director from DMD Col. Selestine Masalamado handling over the billboard with the DRR message to  WEO and VEOs of Msowero in Kilosa
Participants from the communities/various villages in Kilosa district participating to the awareness raising sessions
The government officials from Dodoma, Morogoro, IOM officers and participants from the communities at risk in Kilosa district during the awareness raising sessions on community based disaster risk reduction.
Group photo of Participants and Facilitators
The government officers and participants visited the river Mkondoa in Kilosa district which is near to the communities prone to flood where the structural wall built from colonial era as preventative measure from flood eroded
The DRR officer of Kilosa sharing the experience regarding the measures suitable for addressing flood in the area.

Kilosa, Morogoro – 18-19 May 2021

Under the project ‘Capacity Building in Disaster Risk Reduction in the United Republic of Tanzania’ funded by the International Organization for Migration’s (IOM) Development Fund, IOM – the United Nations Migration Agency – in collaboration with the Disaster Management Department (DMD) of the Prime Minister’s Office, facilitated awareness-raising sessions on community-based disaster risk reduction to communities in the Kilosa District of Morogoro region.

On 18-19 May 2021, awareness-raising sessions were conducted on community-based disaster risk reduction to community members from five villages in Kilosa district council. A total of 114 people (31 women and 83 men) participated to the event. The participants came from the disaster management committees of five villages, officers from Kilosa district council, officers from Morogoro region and officers from the Disaster Management Department, and they all acted as facilitators of the awareness-raising event.

As part of methodology, facilitators used the PowerPoint slides well designed with simple concepts accompanied by illustration, photos and videos. Moreover, awareness raising materials were produced including brochures, t-shirts and small billboards with message, which were distributed to participants. Furthermore, radio jingles with messaging on disaster risk reduction were developed and played via community radio in Kilosa district.

In each day of the session, the team of facilitators from DMD, disaster focal persons and communication officers from Kilosa district and Morogoro region and officers from IOM had a field visit/excursion to flood-prone areas to experience the magnitude of the problem and learn on the possible preventative measures to reduce the risk and minimize the impacts of floods in Kilosa. 

The awareness-raising sessions were interactive, and participants were able to share their experience and suggestion on measures to be taken for disaster risk reduction to their areas.

During the awareness-raising sessions, the guest of honour Mr. Adam Mgoyi encourage community members “to relocate their settlements from flood-prone areas especially along the rivers to safer areas allocated by the government to reduce the flood risk and its impacts for saving lives of people’’.

The desired outputs of awareness-raising sessions on community-based disaster risk reduction include:

            1) Improved understanding of community members to strengthen prevention, preparedness, response and rehabilitation from disasters

            2) Suggested preventative measures that fit to the context of Kilosa district

After the sessions some participants were interviewed. Ms. Shida Athuman Bushiri, Chairperson of Changarawe village in Kilosa dirstict, commented that ‘’the session was good and will cascade the knowledge attained to her fellow community members through women’s groups and village meetings for reducing the disaster risks’’

The next awareness raising sessions on community-based disaster risk reduction will be conducted in Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Tanga regions.


For more information, please contact:

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