Date Published: 
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
IOM Chief of Mission, Dr Qasim Sufi (left) Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Hamad Masauni (right)

Under the framework of a cross-border project “Preventing Conflict and Building Peace through Addressing the Drivers of Conflict and Instability associated with forced Displacement between Burundi and Tanzania” financed by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (UNPBF) and jointly implemented by three UN agencies i.e. IOM, UNHCR and UNDP in both Tanzania and Burundi, IOM Tanzania donated equipment and furniture worth 30,000 USD (thirty thousand USD) to the Government of Tanzania for two Land Border Entry Points between Tanzania and Burundi i.e. Manyovu and Mabamba.

The donated equipment’s include: 14 computers, 2 printers, 16 office chairs, 6 office desks, 4 counter tables, 1 Complete solar power system, and 4 VHF radios.

The donation of these equipment is the result of a needs assessment that was carried out by IOM IBM experts from the IOM African Capacity Building Centers (ACBC) at the Entry Points of Manyovu in Buhigwe and Mabamba in Kibondo under this project. 

The donation event happened on 21 January 2019.

It took place in the Ministry of Home Affairs in Dar es Salaam.

The Government was represented by the Deputy Minister of the Minister of Home Affairs, Mr. Hamad Masauni and the Commissioner General of Immigration (CGI), Dr Anna Makakala. IOM Tanzania was represented by the IOM Chief of Mission, Dr Qasim SUFI and Programme Coordinator, David HOFFMEIJER and other programme colleagues.

The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Hamad Masauni heartfully thanked IOM for the donation of equipment and furniture for the two Land Border posts and reiterated the support of the Government of Tanzania to the UN Migration Agency, IOM to implement its work in the country.

The IOM Chief of Mission, Dr Qasim Sufi said during the event that, this donation will decisively contribute into the improvement of Border Management for Tanzania in terms of combatting irregular migration, human smuggling and trafficking.  

The project objective is to enhance humanitarian border management between Tanzania and Burundi by strengthening the Governments’ capacity in identifying, registering, verifying and monitoring migration flow at the Entry Points along the border.

Additionally, the project is expected to strengthen the cooperation on border management between Burundian and Tanzanian authorities through joint trainings and engagements both at the operational and policy level.

Moreover, border communities were also engaged in the project to create awareness on humanitarian border management by means of communication, coordination and cooperation with national and local authorities.

Prior to the donation of these equipment and furniture, IOM organized training on travel documents examination, security and protection of vulnerable migrants in the context of a humanitarian crisis for 64 officers working on both sides of the border between Tanzania and Burundi within the context of this project.

The event that has enjoyed life transmission on the National TV and Radio was attended by many representative in the country including national and private TV, Radio and Newspapers.

For more information, please contact IOM Tanzania: Gracia Anthony, Email:, Mobile: +255 716204156; or David Hofmeijer, Email:, Mobile: +255 699674975